All coaches wanting to be the “certified coach on record” at a Provincial Championship are required to be at least Community Softball trained plus the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation (MED). If you are coaching a team that is in a category that leads to Post-Provincial play, such as a Western or Canadian Championship, you are required to be at least Competition Introduction certified, including the MED. 

If you are unsure of which level of training/certification you are required to have, use the Link Tools on Softball Canada’s website to help!

Important NCCP Reminder

As of 2020, there were some important changes regarding NCCP certification and training:

  •  For any new coaches to softball (no previous softball NCCP training), the Foundations of Coaching Softball – Part 1 online module will be a pre-requisite for the Community Softball stream of coaching. Coaches must complete this before they can obtain Community Softball Trained status on their NCCP transcript.
  •  For any new coaches to the Competition Introduction stream (with no previous softball NCCP training), the Foundation of Coaching Softball – Part 1 and 2 will both be pre-requisites. Coaches will not obtain Competition Introduction Certified status unless both of these online modules have been completed.
  •  Coaches who have previous softball specific NCCP training will not have to take Foundations of Coaching Softball. They can still take it to obtain PD points if they are at a Certified status (Comp Intro or Comp Dev).

For more information on Foundations of Coaching Softball Part 1 & 2 and where to access them, click here.

NCCP Clinic Hosting Opportunity

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please read through these documents very carefully:

Community Softball Hosting Requirements & Application

Competition Introduction Hosting Requirements & Application

Softball Canada is currently making revisions to the coaching clinics. The formats of the clinics will change soon to include more virtual modules. Once you have read through the documents, please contact Kim if you have any questions. If you don’t have any questions, you can forward completed application forms to Kim.