Softball: “The Original Game of Summer”

Softball Alberta’s mission is to promote, coordinate, and foster the development of softball in the Province of Alberta. Our aim is to establish a structure that allows us to accomplish our mission, and to create programs that aid in the growth of the sport.

The “Original Game of Summer” is alive and growing! If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your summer, or just looking for a social environment and want to meet new people, softball is the sport for you!

Softball Alberta is proud to be the provincial sport governing body for Fastpitch, Slo-Pitch, Orthodox, and Modified Softball.

What is Affiliation?

Affiliation is essentially the term used for “Registration” with Softball Alberta.

Affiliating with Softball Alberta generally means that as a player, coach, or umpire, you are provided with Insurance coverage, should something happen while you are on the playing field.

However, there are many other benefits to being affiliated with us. Listed below are some of the other benefits to being an affiliated member of Softball Alberta:

  • Access to Coaching Clinics and National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
  • Travel Grants (For Teams Advancing to a Western or Canadian Championship)
  • Access to Umpire Clinics and Rule Interpretation Clinics
  • Becoming a Registered Umpire with Softball Alberta can lead to the opportunity to officiate at a Western or a Canadian Championship
  • Zone and Provincial Hosts are eligible to receive a Hosting Grant
  • Annual awards honoring players, coaches and umpires in various categories
  • Annual Hall of Fame inductees
  • Access to information concerning sanctioned tournaments held in Alberta
  • Alberta Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Games, & Canada Summer Games

If you want to learn more about the Insurance Coverage, you can visit our Insurance page.