The scholarship applications are on hold until Softball Alberta has more certainty that a 2021 season will happen. 

2019 Scholarship Recipients

United Cycle Female – Madison McGonigal, Morgan Hunter
Umpire Memorial – Mark Taylor
Al Shenduk Memorial – Emma Jerome Smith
Board of Directors – Taylor Kusk
Memorial – Emma Jerome-Smith, Alexis Huggart, Cassidy Slemp
Leaders – Kate Talaga

New starting 2019 = Apprenticeship Scholarship

Each year Softball Alberta awards scholarships to qualifying student-athletes to assist them with their post-secondary education.

For more information about the individual scholarships or to obtain a scholarship application form, check out the links below or contact the Softball Alberta office(s).

The deadline for all scholarship applications is September 1st.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Application Form

*Please note there have been changes made to the scholarship application form and the criteria so please go through the forms and criteria carefully! If you have any questions about the scholarships please don’t hesitate to contact us at 780-461-7735 or

Softball Alberta awards 3 Memorial scholarships each year in memory of it’s past softball board members:

  • Ed Corbett
  • Elsie Barlow
  • Fred Villner
  • Linda Edey
  • Rose Plante
  • Mike Wyrostok

The annual Umpire Memorial Scholarship is awarded in  memory of:

  • Ron Caine
  • Joe Feller

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