Easton Bat Models Not Approved

Recently, there had been a withdrawal of certain Easton bat models from the ASA approved bat list, but as per Softball Canada these bats will still be eligible for Softball Canada play. For more information on what exactly is approved/not approve, click here.

Click here to see the updated 2015 Bat Check Protocol.

Softball Canada UmpSchool – A Learning Tool to Help You Prepare for the Season

As a Softball Canada umpire, you can continue to take advantage of an effective and updated tool as you study the rules for the upcoming season, prepare for the certification examination or get ready for your big provincial tournament or Canadian Championship.

Softball Canada has renewed our partnership with RuleBox Software, a company that develops test preparation tools and online training. The result is an updated Softball Canada UmpSchool to help you increase your knowledge of officiating and improve your score on the Softball Canada annual examination.

When you subscribe to Softball Canada UmpSchool, you can select brief study quizzes that cover specific Softball Canada rules, or elect to take complete 50, 65, 75, 90, or 100-question practice examinations. You’ll receive immediate feedback on your answers, as well as rule references so you can check on the correct ruling.

This effective and proven training tool is available to Softball Canada umpires for a subscription fee of only $10 USD. A subscription allows you unlimited access for the entire season!

Renew your subscription or subscribe now, so you don’t forget! Click below to start taking advantage of UmpSchool today!

Umpire clinic  – Open for any U10 or U12 Association

If you have coaches, parents, or siblings that are interested in getting to know the rules and the game of umpiring.

Please contact Terry Richter at
or 780 616 8885

Zone / Branch Classification

To view the towns, cities, and municipalities that fall within the jurisdiction of each zone/branch, click here.


Click here for your local umpire branch to get involved!

Softball Canada Umpire “Toolbox”

Softball Canada is pleased to announce a new section on our website. This being the “Umpiring Toolbox” section. It will include educational information for all umpires to access.

Currently, just posted are the ISF Field Mechanics 1 – 4 Umpire Systems. These will replace and be used instead of the previous Softball Canada Umpire Systems.

Direct web link to the site:


Canadian Indicator Club

The objective of this Club is to acknowledge contributions made by individual umpires to the officiating program across Canada. The award is a high quality medallion. Wondering what umpires from Alberta have been awarded into this club? Click here to find out!