The actual application to the Softball Alberta “Hall of Fame” committee must be as high a quality as the individual up for consideration. Supporting documentation for individuals, teams, or sport builders, is mandatory.

Hall of Fame Process

Official name shall be the Softball Alberta “Hall of Fame.”

Supervision and control of the “Hall” shall be governed by the Softball Alberta Executive and shall be administered by a volunteer committee to be appointed by the President annually.

The Softball Alberta President shall have the authority to name the chairman of the committee and four other individuals who shall oversee all nominations. Should there become a vacancy in any of the volunteer positions, the President will consider names as put forward by the committee.

All volunteer Hall of Fame positions shall be re-appointed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the President and the Executive committee.

All persons appointed to the committee shall be residents of Alberta.

Duties may include:

  • Advising that the deadline for nominations shall be March 1st annually to the Executive Director of the Association.
  • Examining and investigating all nominations submitted for the awards.

Records of the awards given out annually shall be kept on file at the Softball Alberta office.

There shall be no more than five inductions annually. If there are more than five quality applications in any one year, the committee shall determine which five are the most deserving and reject or hold over any other worthy applications for the following year. The categories are as follows:

  1. Athlete (Male or Female)
  2. Official
  3. Sport Builder
  4. Team


The chairman of the Hall of Fame committee shall make one choice annually in situations that warrant early induction into the Hall. This meaning that the chairman may make a recommendation to allow an induction of a person or persons, who have not been inactive for five (5) years or make the final decision as to what exactly “inactive” means.

Examples of this might be:

  • A nomination of an individual worthy of induction who is terminally ill.
  • A nomination of a person who is still “active” at a considerably lesser role than what he or she, or a team, has been nominated.
  • Or, any other circumstance, deemed exceptional by the Chairman in consultation with the committee.

More Information and Deadline

Any applications not accepted shall be returned to the nominating person, team, organization or whomever. Once a nomination is rejected, the same nomination with additional supporting information can be re-submitted for up to two more times (three times in total) for consideration. If it is rejected for the third time, it shall be considered lost.

Nominations may originate with the committee, and individual softball clubs, leagues, or Associations, and shall be submitted to Softball Alberta for final clarification and approval. A nomination for the Softball Alberta Hall of Fame must be submitted by an Alberta resident (or former Alberta resident) for the nomination to be considered by the Softball Alberta Hall of Fame Committee. Nominations must be accompanied by citations, covering as great a detail as possible.

  • Accomplishments, years played, teams played for, newspaper articles, letters of support, pictures, other awards etc.
  • Nomination submission must include a quality head & shoulders photo of the nominee. Nominations will not be considered without a photo.
  • Remember to include the name of who is nominating the individual or team, along with contact information.

(Any nominations for the Softball Canada Hall of Fame MUST be generated by and supported by the Softball Alberta Hall of Fame Committee and the Softball Alberta Board)

*Umpire Category Only*

A nomination for the Official (Umpire) category must be accompanied by a letter of support by the Alberta Softball Umpires Association (ASUA) and the Local Umpires Branch in which that official was or is associated. In extenuating circumstances, the chairman has the authority to wave this support due to time frame etc..

The deadline for submission is March 1st.


Nominations for the Hall of Fame should be completed and sent to the Softball Alberta office:

Attention: Hall of Fame Committee
Softball Alberta
9860 – 33 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6N 1C6

Email: Michele Patry (michele@softballalberta.ca)