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Softball Canada's New PSA!



2017 Canada Summer Games

Softball Canada and Softball Alberta are extremely pleased to announce that the Canada Games Council has selected both men’s and women’s softball for the 2017 Canada Summer Games program. The sport of softball has been part of the Canada Summer Games since 1969, but the men’s competition was not selected for the 2009 and 2013 Games. Thus, the men’s competition will return to the program in 2017.

Click here for more informaton.

Alberta Concussion Alliance

Alberta Concussion Alliance is a group who provide information and direction in the prevention, recognition and recovery of concussions. Their website has many valuable tools and resources to help all individuals in sport, whether it be coaches, players or parents. Visit their website to access all these tools or follow them on Twitter (@ABConAlli).





Vimy Ridge Softball Academy

Vimy Ridge Academy in Edmonton will be implementing a Softball program for student athletes from Grades 7-12. They are located centrally in the city at 8205-90 Ave and will be hosting an open house February 11 from 7-9 pm. If you or your student athlete are interested please check out the open house or if you can't make it contact Darryl (information on poster).

International Softball Coaches Symposium

The International Softball Coaches Symposium (ISCS) is an outstanding learning event for coaches of all levels which is co-hosted by Softball Canada and the Provincial/Territorial Softball Association where the event is held. The goal of the International Softball Coaches Symposium is to provide you, the Coach, with the most up to date training and instructional techniques presented by some of the world's leading international coaches to raise the level of softball knowledge among softball coaches across Canada. The International Softball Coaches Symposium also provides you with an opportunity to interact with coaches from across the country.


EYSA Night at Oil Kings Game

On February 13, EYSA will have their own special night at the Oil Kings game! There will be plenty of opportunities for EYSA members to be part of behind the scenes action and take in what is sure to be a great hockey game. For more information and ticket details contact Tom Clooney at info@eysa.ca.

2017 Canada Summer Games Tryouts

The tryout dates have been set for the men's team. Please visit the Canada Summer Games page for details.

2016 Jr Women's Regional ID Camps

In 2016, there will be a series of regional ID camps for the Junior Women's National team. These will happen May 27-29, 2016 in Brampton, ON and June 3-5 in Saskatoon, SK and Cloverdale, BC. The ID camps are the ONLY open tryouts for athletes to showcase their skills. These athletes will be eligible to compete at the 2017 ISF Junior World Championships in Clearwater, Florida. For selection criteria, please click here.

Revised SORs from Softball Canada AGM

To review the revised Special Operating Rules from the Softball Canada AGM on Nov. 12-15 click here.

2015 Softball Alberta AGM Motions

For the list of all motions and amendments, click here.

IMPORTANT: Level 3 Coaches

After December 31, 2015 the Theory 3 equivalent (4 of 6 multi-sport modules plus MED and Design a Sport Program) will be retired by CAC. Starting Jan. 1,  2016, coaches will need to complete all 6 Competition-Development Multi-Sport Modules (MSMs) to receive Level 3 Theory in the Levels NCCP (old NCCP). If you are a coach who is in the middle of the Level 3 training and haven't completed your Level 3 Certification, you will need to do so before February 2016 before the CAC adopts the Competition Development pathway.

Competition Development Training

A Competition Development clinic will be hosted in Saskatchewan next year. The clinic runs over 2 weekends and any coach who is Comp Intro trained/certified is able to register. The training weekends will go over softball specific and multi sport modules in various topics. For more information, visit Softball Canada's website.

2016 Blue Convention

For the latest updates regarding the 2016 Blue Convention read the Blue Convention Newsletter from Softball Canada.

Alberta Sport Connection

Alberta Sport Connection is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Albertans by encouraging active lifestyles, promoting athletic excellence and multi-sport games, partnering with and funding community initiatives. Check out their cool new video!

Competition Introduction Evaluation

For 2015, Softball Candada requires at least one coach attending Canadian Championships to be certified at the Cometition-Introduction level in softball for every team. In order for coaches to be CERTIFIED at the Competition Introduction level they must go through the evaluation process. Please use the following links for a more detailed explanation.

Comp-Intro Evaluation Process

Comp-Intro Evaluation Application Form


Softball Canada Coaches Guide Series

Softball Canada is pleased to present the Softball Canada Coaches Guide series! The guides contain practice plans for ages U12-U16 that are based on the Long Term Player Development model along with key teaching points for skills. For more information click the link below:



Tim Hortons becomes new Title Sponsor

Softball Canada is extremely pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with Tim Hortons as the new title sponsor of the Tim Hortons Learn to Play Program. Under the terms of the new four-year agreement, Tim Hortons will help Softball Canada grow the program throughout the country.

“Our Learn to Play Program is an exceptional program to give young athletes their first experience with the sport of softball in a relaxed and fun-filled environment” said Softball Canada President Kevin Quinn. “The program’s manual allows first time coaches and educators to feel comfortable they have the tools needed to teach young athletes about our sport. We would like to thank Tim Hortons for their assistance as the title sponsor of this fantastic program and we look forward to working with them to help increase participation at the grassroots level.”

For more information, click here.

Track your Coach Training

Maintenance of Certification launched January 1, 2014, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to track your training and the professional development points you’ve earned. Check out our new Maintenance of Certification webpage, and login to the Locker to check out your updated transcript -- complete with the number of professional development points you need, and the amount of time you have to earn them. What are you waiting for – start collecting your professional development points TODAY! For more information click here


Attention Coaches:

Please note that the following fees for NCCP online evaluations will be implemented on April 1, 2014.

Make Ethical Decisions (all streams):        $85.00
Managing Conflict:                                    $85.00
Leading Drug-free Sport:                          $85.00

As a reminder, here are some points of clarification related to these fees (as originally sent out in August 2013):

Coaches who have completed the corresponding multi-sport module training will not have to pay for the online evaluation for that module and will have unlimited attempts at passing the evaluation;

Coaches who have completed the corresponding module component as part of an integrated sport program, will not have to pay for the online evaluation for that module and will also have unlimited attempts at passing the evaluation;

This Board directive and the related fees only apply to those coaches who choose to go directly to the online evaluation without completing the training in advance; 

This Board directive is consistent with valuing the high-quality NCCP training provided by all of our partners across the country, and to ensure that all coaches in the system are contributing to the ongoing development and success of the NCCP;

This Board directive is also consistent with what is being implemented by the sports when a coach demonstrates prior learning and goes directly to the sport specific evaluation components and are charged a fee;

As with all revenue collected, these fees will be re-invested into the continued development and on-going maintenance of the NCCP in the best interest of all partners.

A series of FAQs has been created and is now posted to coach.ca here.