Interested in Hosting a CANpitch Clinic?

To host a 4, 6-week or weekend CANpitch Clinic contact the CANpitch Instructor in your area (see below) or Camille Czarnecki at the Softball Alberta office. CANpitch Promotional Clinics require a minimum number of participants (at least 10 pitchers), for a weekend clinic 2 groups of 10 pitchers.

In order for a CANpitch clinic to be recognized by Softball Alberta, and for your membership benefits to stand, organizers must register their CANpitch clinic with Softball Alberta. This sanction will also be required by the CANpitch instructors who are teaching the clinic. For the cost, your participants can be ensured that their insurance with Softball Alberta is valid if they are registered members. This also entitles you to a posting of your clinic on our website. Softball Alberta must report the program numbers to Softball Canada, who receive funding based on those results and so the CANpitch committee can keep up to date with information and training for all the instructors across Canada. This helps validate the program in Alberta and keeps CANpitch consistent with the rest of the country.

Softball Alberta is mandating a small fee to keep CANpitch in Alberta up to the best standards. The fee allows us to continue the education of our instructors which will translate to an improvement in the quality of pitching instruction our athletes will receive.

Below is the scale we will use in the 2019 season. The price is for one group.

0-6 week CANpitch session $25.00
7-13 week CANpitch session $35.00
14-20 week CANpitch session $45.00

Please submit the following forms to to complete registration of your CANpitch clinic: CANpitch Clinic Form & Participant Registration

Steps to Hosting a CANpitch Clinic:

  1. Identify a group of interested pitchers in your area.]
  2. Contact Softball Alberta or the RPI nearest to your area
  3. Schedule clinic dates
  4. Register and pay for your clinic with Softball Alberta
  5. Payment directly to the instructors