My son/daughter would like to play on a team in another city/town. Can they do that?

  • ALL U15 & UNDER aged players who wish to register on a team outside their own local minor association must apply each year for a Player Transfer.
  • This Player Transfer will be accepted by Softball Alberta upon the approval of both the Releasing & Receiving Minor Associations.
  • If a player wishes to play on a team outside their local association and if both the releasing association and the receiving association agree to the transfer, then the player may play for the team that is outside his or her local minor association for the current season.
  • Softball Alberta recommends Associations set dates for when they will begin to receive applications
  • Softball Alberta recommends that each association have a Player Transfer Policy which includes an appeal process in place that they can provide the applicant if they are denying a transfer and/or the next step of appealing to Softball Alberta
  • Teams / Associations – DO NOT finalize your teams or take registration from players from another Minor Association until you have an approved transfer for them.

If you require more information on Provincial eligibility, please contact your District Organizer or one of the Provincial offices.