Marge Amdam
Vivan Kortgaard
Betty (Arnold) Anderson
Joan Levin
Lucille Beingessner
Carmen (Lenaour) Mack
Connie (Strachan) Broadbent
Kay & Ross MacBeth
Joan (Cragg) Coulson
Iris MacNevin
Nancy (Mercer) Coxford
Mille & Ken McAuley
Joyce (Comrie) Dawson
Mildred (Ahlstrom) McGuire
Mary Gamble
Dorothy (McLean) McIvor
Polly (Spotowski) Goretzki
Lorill (Gerbrandt) McRiane
Helen (Nash) Gosnell
Maureen O’Connor
Alberta (Johnson) Gresl
Grace (Nicol) Phillips
Bonnie (Wright) Hansch
Jacqueline (Ferrier) Pugh
Lillian (Brown) Harvey
Gladys Rapp
Kelly (MacDonald) Hofmann
Doreen Ryan
Agnes (Zurowski) Holmes
Edna (Harrison) Squire
Barb (Arnold) Anderson
Vicky (Chimko) Stelter
Theresa (Lafleur) Jackowich
Hazel (Smith) Stevenson
Ken Johannson
Netta (Tough) Taves
Hazel Johnston
Marge (Royce) Van Deelen
Pat (Randall) Knoll
Ian (Ward) Wallace
Bob Knowles
Terry (Pomerleau) Webb
Ken Knowles
Tillie (De Rappard) Williams

The Edmonton Mortons were organized in 1945. Though they were only in existence for eight years, they won 5 Provincial Championships, 2 Western Canadian Championships and 1 Canadian Championship.

In 1951, the Mortons compiled a record of 34 wins and only 1 loss. They won the B.C.-Alberta Inter-Provincial Championship, the Western Canadian Championship and the Canadian Championship.

The Edmonton Mortons have the distinction of being the first ever official Canadian Senior Women’s Softball Champions in 1951. The 1951 series was conducted under Eastern Canadian Rules: five feet shorter base paths and increased pitching distance. Unfortunately, the Mortons were unable to defend their title because there was no Canadian Championship in 1952 due to a lack of finances and a decision of the Canadian National Exhibition to pass up sponsorship.