CALGARY COMETS (1960-1967) – INDUCTED 1997

George Alexander
Jan Leinweber
Rita Allison
Edie Leopold
Marg Anderson
Myrna McKay
Lil Andrews
Brenda McNeill
Bev Bandura
Heather McPherson
Linda Bouchard
Lois Milligan
Wendy Carson
Bernie Nicholson
Donna Clark
Lynn Ornburn
Sandra Clark
Marg Pickard
Ruth Constable
Joanne Pittman
Sandy Cory
Ella Rees
Elva Criss
Betty Ann Sadler
Darlene Currie
Marlene Saunders
Terry Diemert
Cordella Schwengler
Marg Ewanyshyn
Diane Semchuk
Bob Fisk
Darlene Tucker
Joan French
Joyce Turk
Trudy Hanson
Lois Turk
Bonnie Hayward
Betty Jean Turner
Gwen Holmes
Bobbie Wallace
Bernice Lechner
Doreen Wazynick

At a time when competition was limited and Women’s Senior ‘A’ players were few and far between, the Calgary Comets were created. The first few years were building ones, but in 1963, all that hard work paid off. The Comets’ rivals, the Edmonton Army & Navy Pats finally found a formidable foe.

In 1963, the Comets were the Provincial Champions and Western Canadian Semi-Finalists. The following year, the Comets had won the Provincial Championships again. This time, they became the Canadian Senior ‘A’ Women’s Champions. Four team members were named to the National Team as well. Then again, in 1965 and 1967, the Comets were Provincial and Canadian Champions.

The Calgary Comets were successful due to many reasons; team spirit had a great deal to do with it, along with tremendous enthusiasm and ambition. They played the game brilliantly; some would even use the word clever. This was a team that was highly respected for their talent, strong sportsmanship skills and above all, their competitive spirit.