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All coaches wanting to coach at a Provincial Championship are required to be at least Level 1 Certified or have the Community Softball training. If you are coaching a team that is playing in a provincial that leads to Post-Provincial play, such as a Western or Canadian Championship, you are required to be at least Level 2 Certified Softball Coach or to be certified in "Competition-Introduction."

If you are unsure of which level of training/certification you are required to have, use the Link Tools on Softball Canada's website to help!


Community Softball - 2016 Clinics

(Replacing the Level 1 technical clinic) This clinic provides you with your technical, practical and theory in one week-end. The clinic focuses on coaches encouraging participants of all ages to continue in the sport for fun, fitness, skill development, and social interaction. This clinic takes a minimum of 12 hours.


Competition-Introduction - 2016 Clinics

For 2015, Softball Canada is requiring that at least one coach on every team roster attending Canadians must be certified at Competition-Introduction level in Softball. This means that the coach must go through the evaluation process after completing the 2 weekend clinic. If only the 2 weekend clinic is completed, the coach is trained, not certified, at the Competition-Introduction level.

Are you a coach that still needs to be evaluated by Softball Alberta to complete your Comp-Intro?? For more information on your evaluation click here.

Once you have read through the information in the above link, please fill out our Comp-Intro Evaluation Application Form with all the components complete and submit to the Softball Alberta office. ** NOTE: Please submit the application form at least 3 weeks prior to the earliest request date for an on-field evaluation**


Competition-Development - 2016 Clinics

Softball’s Competition - Development Clinic is the workshop that replaces Level 3 Technical in the old NCCP. This context focuses on coaches working with athletes who are in the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of Softball’s Long-Term Player Development model. These athletes/teams are competing at the U16, U18, U21 and Senior Canadian Championships, at the Canada Summers Games and at Junior World Championships. This context is also the minimum requirement for coaches to apply for National Team coaching positions.

For more information click here.

NCCP Clinic Hosting Opportunity

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please read through these documents very carefully:

Community Softball Hosting Requirements & Application

Competition Introduction Hosting Requirements & Application

Once you have read through the documents, please contact Kim if you have any questions. If you don't have any questions, you can forward completed application forms to Kim.